jp_bioActor/producer Jeffery Patterson likes to call his own shots. Taking a cue from such industry standouts as Tom Laughlin and Sylvester Stallone, Patterson is set on forging his own path.


Life had a funny way of preparing Patterson for a film career. Born and raised on a dairy farm in Alabama, Patterson initially began working with his father – a businessman at heart – who founded the local cable station, owned a fertilizer company, and raised and trained horses.

In his early 20s, Patterson’s entrepreneurial urge had him exploring all aspects of the business world. He moved to Florida and got into the health club industry. He became a stock broker, restauranteur and real estate broker. He got involved in acting classes and did some local theatre. And on a visit to Nashville, he met a girl. He married her and moved back to Alabama to start a family. And ten years later, he ran for a seat in the House of Representatives – twice. He came in second. In hindsight, he’s thankful he didn’t win.

With his most important title now being “Dad,” and inspired by his daughters and their own passion for acting, Patterson picked up and moved to Los Angeles to take the Hollywood bull by the horns. He dove into the industry with the goal of producing family-friendly movies that included roles for his daughters and himself. He worked at a number different production companies in order to better learn the business before launching his own production company, from which “Finding Harmony” and “Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink” were born.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, raises his daughters, owns a restaurant, produces films and continues to perform as an actor.

Patterson has four film currently in the midst of post-production, all expecting releases in 2018.

A single father of 4, Patterson currently resides in Los Angeles – on a yacht.